How Much Does An Average Brake/rotor Job Cost

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I have a ’98 VW Beetle…just rear brakes…any educated guesses?

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    1. Bjboyd5618 says:

      I would charge someone $20 labor + 10 per rotor(to turn the rotors) + price of brake pads

    2. Ssanchez2002 says:

      If you know a car nut / handyman or yourself look at 30.00 , to turn rotor is 5.00 each if within range

    3. Tibo49 says:

      If you do it yourself – about $15. If you have it done it can range between $50-$100.

      There are a couple of national firms that advertize $99 per axle.


    4. 007 says:

      Should be somewhere around $100. , unless they run into other problems…like the drum or roter damaged beond repair.

    5. J D says:

      I just had (end of May) the rear brakes done on a 1999 Blazer. I spent $350 on rotors and pads. If the calipers needed replaced then that would have been an additional $200 parts and labor.

    6. Scrapperboo says:

      The shop here where I live charges $50 labor, $25.00 for brake pads and $14.00 to turn both rotors, for a total of 89.00. Pretty standard here.

    7. Maddog277 says:

      There is a company called BRAKE TEAM…they do ANY car or truck….drum and disk or 4 wheel disk for $99 labor included..

    8. Bracken46 says:

      It depends on the work you have to have done. To simply replace the pads should cost you the price of the pads and the flat rate labor to install them. OEM pads are expensive; I know that some Ford pads run about $70 a set, but that’s for both calipers. (Four pads.) You may also be charged a brake inspection fee, because any reputable shop will inspect your entire system to make sure it’s operating well.

      If you need to have your rotors machined due to runout, scratches or grooves, that will cost extra. The shop should only machine your rotors if they need it (if the runout is beyond factory spec), but it is generally a good idea to prevent parallelism, which will force you to replace your rotors.

      If they inspect your brake fluid and find that it’s “wet” (has more than 4-5% water content), your brake system will have to be flushed, which will also cost extra.

      All in all, ask around for a reputable VW mechanic, and shop for the best rates they can give you.

    9. Rebecca S says: