How Much Does A Brake Job Cost

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I wanna get new brake pads and rotors for a nissan pathfinder and a lexus rx. how much would parts and labor be for both cars? the pathfinder only has front disk brakes but the lexus has all wheel disc brakes. in that case, how much would it be to replace the brake drums on the pathfinder as well?

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    1. A C says:

      Too much

    2. Cartucho135 says:

      Pathfinder would be around 340dollars but for lexus idk.

    3. Talon699 says:

      Depends on the quality of the parts you want. Cheap/average/good/best . And where you get it done. Suprisingly enough, not all the people here live in your town, and drive the same make model and year of vehicle. Why not get off the computer and use your phone and call a few shops in whatever town you live in. You are asking people to give you a estimate without knowing what it all needs. Could need new wheel cylinders or hold down kit, maybe a caliper is siezed, or a bolt breaks during dissassembly. Take it to a shop where they can see what needs to be replaced

    4. Joe C says:

      Most reputable garages give free estimates.

    5. Pacoperez1958 says:

      Sintered metalic pads would run about $65 (for the lifetime pads) an axel and aren’t that hard to put in yourself. if you’ve never done brakes before, stay away from the drum brakes. too many little parts inside to put in backwards. The book(s) for your nissan, and lexus( clymer publications) is at the Auto Zone parts store and is only $18.95each, plus tax. All disk brakes are easy to do, it’s just that you might need some special tools like TORQX wrenches. With life time pads in place, if you can learn to put them in yourself, you’ll never have to pay for brakes again except for the roters. The pads will be free, it’s the labor that costs. Rotors need to be machined on occasion, or replaced when neccessary. Once you know what to do, you can do an axel an hour ( thats with hand tools, power tools would make the job faster)