Had New Brake Pads And Rotors Installed On My Car. Why Do The Brakes Squeal Still

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I had new metallic brake pads and new rotors installed on my car from a national auto repair franchise, about a month ago. The brakes squeal still almost from day one. What could be the possible reason?

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    1. "mr" Christian says:

      It may be normal, but I suspect they left off the insulator sheets between the pad and the caliper. It’s a stick on silencer on some cars.
      It damps the vibrations at the caliper.

    2. Josh says:

      Its probably cheap brake pads. Othe things that could cause it would be if the “squeaker” is bent too far in which should not be the case but possible or they did not properly grease the back of the pads or they did not install the properly. I would say more than likely though its just the brand of pads especially on the new rotors. Give it some time to see if they wear in.

    3. Everyone's Helper says:

      Because those were cheap brake pads or non oem brake pads. I know that there is also a little piece that comes with the non-cheap brake pads which would make the squeal go away. Talk to the person who put them on and see if you can get that extra part cos thats usually not expensive at all. I had mine from Midas (lifetime warranty crap) and it squealed cos they probably were the cheapest ones out there but i recently got them put on by a Honda Dealership (since my car is a honda) and they dont make a sound at all! Good luck…

    4. Dodge Man says:

      They may still be seating in ,and that may take a while for them to stop making the squealing noise,or they could have left a shim out or used a cheaper pad and that will cause them to do that,id give them a little while and if they don’t stop take it back and have then looked at again,its normal for some to do it for a while,but any pad even a cheaper one should stop after a few hundred miles,good luck with it.

    5. My 2 Cents says:

      The squeal is not from the rivets rubbing on the disc. ( a sign of break wear) The noise comes from the metal recipes of the pads and disc. Most new brake pads will squeal like that. It does not mean that the brakes are not working.

    6. Bocephus says:

      Yes the last answer was correct. The brake bads you mentioned “metallic”. They are called that because they have small pieces of metal in the pad. You will go for a while and not hear anything, then all of a sudden you will hear squeaking again. This is because you wear down some of the pad with the metal. The only way not to have this is to go with a semi metallic or an organic pad.

    7. Green1foru says:

      There needs to be some type of “silencer put in between the brake calliper cylender and the brake pad before installation. it was left out, or they used Roberto’s el-cheap’o brake pads.