Good Brand For Brake Pads And Rotors

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I have a 97 prelude just recently serviced on brake for $100 just for the pads and re cutting the rotors.. the brand was Bendix and its fairly noisy wen i hit the brake.. is there a better brand out there for the same amount of money or maybe a lil more expensive is fine

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    1. Chevy_man_rob says:

      May be rust buildup on the pad or rotor surface. does it go away after a few stops? if so its just the nature of the beast. if not i like the permatex “blue goo” anti-squeal. part # 126vr iirc. sold at advance and zone. like $2 for more than enough for the fronts and prob rears too.
      my experience is that the $20 pads and the $60 pads all make pretty much the same noise. i buy the cheaper and the blue goo….

    2. Ginandpool says:

      It seems you need to get a better mechanic to work on your car. When you put on pads you have to use a silicon paste on the part that holds the pad on other wise it will make a racket. Been there done that. Also it takes a little time for the pads to seat.

    3. Char 1 says:

      I personally like PBR Ceramic brake pads. They are made in Australia, are very quiet & not too expensive compared to Bendix & Raybestos. If that $100. price included parts & labor, that’s about average for a good quality front brake job.

    4. Honda Guy says:

      I’ve used several aftermarket pads and I keep going back to the factory pads. The Honda pads last just as long but are always quiet. The only aftermarket pad I’ve used that I was happy with is Akibono ceramic pads. They are made in Japan but available in most markets (the Honda calipers are supplied by Akibono). The ceramic pads last the same as the factory pads but generally have less brake dust.

      The aftermarket pads are usually harder, take longer to stop and are noisier because they have a higher metalic content in the linings that are intended to make the pads last longer. The difference in mileage between replacements isn’t worth the money to me. Plus, the semi-metallic pads generally run much hotter because they don’t transfer the heat as well as the factory pads and that leads to rotor distortion which is the reason you need to reface your rotors.

      I recommend the factory pads or the Akibono ceramics for braking efficiently, quiet ride and reduced rotor wear.

      Hope that helps,

    5. Carman Nguyen says:

      Centrix ,the same OEM brake parts which is Nissin from Japan.

    6. Bc16882000 says:

      You could have bought factory honda pads for the front about $55 to $60 . the rear pads are usually higher.

    7. Tip says: