Front Brake Pad And Rotor Replacement Cost

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What is a typical price for replacement of both front brake pads and rotors on a 1997 Nissan Altima GXE? Monroe Muffler and Brake is trying to charge me $449, then they offered me a coupon which brought it to $375. And I said no, because I could get the parts for much cheaper, so now they are saying $250. What is really a good, and fair price for this job (including labor).
I was able to price parts on advance auto for approx $100 (pads and rotors) Monroe charges $80 an hour for labor.

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    1. Jody D says:

      I would say $150 to $200

    2. Ron B says:

      $250 is a good price for that job. Be aware that you’re not getting quality parts for that price. A garage isn’t going to lower its labor rate to save you money, but they will buy cheap parts in order to bring the price to your range. The $449 quote was probably for using toyota parts. The $250 quote is for discount quality parts. If you want it done for free, do it yourself>

    3. Hsueh010 says:

      It depends on the quality of the pads and rotors that you want installed.

      Rotors are typically $50 each x 2, Front pads will also run about $50 for the entire axle. So $150 for parts. Labor time on a brake job is typically an hour.

      This is for a typical brake job, assuming your calipers aren’t leaking and need them replaced, and you don’t need to have your brakes bleed and fluid flushed. (Both of which could cost more). $250 is not unreasonable if they are replacing the rotors. If they are simply “turning” them or machining them, which they might be able to do if the rotors are still within specifications. Most places charge $40 to “turn” both rotors, in which case your parts cost would only be the brake pads themselves, but again this depends on the condition of your current parts.

    4. Fwf43 says:

      Your looking at $30-$50 per rotor. For the pads, $10-$30 depending on the pads you want. So on the high end, your looking at $160 for the parts. Depending where you live, the average labor is $60-$70 per hour. Just figuring 1 hour, your at $230. So $250 is in the ballpark. If you priced the parts at $100, if your handy or know someone who is, pads and rotors is actually very simple. Save the extra cost, and do yourself.