Cost To Install Rotors, Brake Pads And Shoes, Master Cylinder

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On an 86 Mazda 323. I want to know idf Im being ripped off or not. Thanks for your helpful answers in advance.

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    1. Canadianknowledge Nowe-worldwide says:

      Sounds like the entire brake system. Someone did not change the pads when they should have and ignored the squeeling and grinding noises of metal to metal contact. Maybe a grand, and maybe twice that.. Don’t know where you are at. I am in the other half of the world.

    2. Lees68tbird says:

      Rotors are 21.99
      front pads 17.99
      Master cylinder kit is 64.
      Then you’ll need to include labor.
      but it should take you like 2 hours to do.

    3. Sirjames says:

      Depends on your figures i’d say i could buy your pads and shoes for a total sum of $50.00 and for both rotors $45.00 and your master cylinder for maybe $20-40 dollars. But thats just parts,theses mechanics aren’t cheap, given that to me it’s not at all hard just time consuming. Hope this is helpful. Also to help you out go http://www.advance ^( auto they pretty much have every part you need with the prices. GOOD LUCK!

    4. Tennis_40_40 says:

      The cost breakdown with parts and labor should go like this:

      Brake pads: $25
      Brake shoes for rear $25
      Rotors: 30 each x 2

      Master cylinder: $60-80.

      Labor: 2-3 hours on the pads and shoes, another hour on the rotors, and 1-2 more hours for the master cylinder. The hourly rate varies, but metro areas charge $65 an hour and rural around $40 an hour.

      Good luck.

    5. Gregthomasparke says:

      Lees – I am a Mechanic and I can’t even get parts that cheap, and have you ever had to do a full brake job CORRECTLY before? I would be guessing by my shop rates, around $1500 give or take. It all depends on the quality of parts you use, and the labor of the shop. Location of where is a big thing here. And for the record, I highly recomend having a brake flush done, and DO NOT go for a rebuilt master cylinder, 90% of the time they are junk right from out of the box, buy new. Every shop will give you a different price, and every shop will have different prices of parts and labor, and most shops will not install parts if supplied by the customer (at least in my area) because of warranty issues. My shops rate is $92/h CDN and we’re concidered average for my area. I know some that are up to $140/h CDN. Its a big job and most likly will take a day or two for a shop to complete the job (with getting everything apart, cleaning everything properly, adjusting everything properly, torquing everything properly, and so on) That doesn’t mean they will charge you on every hour the car is in the shop, only book rate at how long it takes to do the job. It is impossible to give a quote, or even a rough guess. I’m guessing the job will cost more then the car is worth.