Brakes Knocking When Applied

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Put new brakes pads and turn rotors but knocks when i step on brake 2005 Nissan maxima 3.6

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    1. Country Boy says:

      Did you install new stainless steel anti-rattle clips between the end of the brake pads and the caliper? How about the anti-vibration shims on the steel side of each brake pad. Nissan will have these parts.

      What brand of brake pads did you install? Are you positive they are the right pads? Cheap box store, no name, no warranty pads occasionally don’t fit as tightly as OEM or major brand pads. If you still have the old pads pull one pair of new pads out and lay them back to back to see if the lengths are the same.

    2. Bandit_60 says:

      Sounds like the caliper is,nt tight enough.