Best/cheapest Place For Brake Pads Replacement, Rotors Reface

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My front brake pads are worn out and i need rotors to be refaced. I was thinking about goin to the autozone. is that place cheap? i prefer to get ceremic brake pads but dont know which place would install them.

My car is 04 honda accord coupe

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    1. carparts21 says:

      I always go to auto zone for new parts, also sometimes you can get good deals on ebay- but with online places there is always a risk. i prefer the auto parts store.

    2. carparts21 says:

      Try Midas they give lifetime guarentees

    3. carparts21 says:

      Do it yourself. It’s very easy. You can buy pads and rotors for less than you pay someone to do the pads.

    4. carparts21 says:

      You don’t need to pay dealership prices for normal maintenance repairs like a basic brake job. Check some of the coupons in the mail and paper. I’m usually finding that $100 should cover the front brakes on an Accord (I have one myself). Beware of Brake-O as they have a bad rep. in many parts of the country. If you haven’t had your brake fluid changed recently (last 30k) this would be worth it an a bit more money. Some local Firestone, Goodyear, Pepboys, Meinke, etc. can do competent work for you. Good Luck!

    5. carparts21 says:

      if you are to get new pads from autozone, i’d go with the “gold series” (duralast gold pads). typically, the gold series is what came oem on your vehicle. if your vehicle came with ceramic pads on the front, then the duralast gold pads will be ceramic. the duralast gold pads are lifetime warranty, they also sell Morse-Ceramic, however they only carry a 2 year warranty and are a little more in price. also, you might want to price turning your rotors at your local place (most autozones don’t turn rotors anymore). if you were to buy new rotors from autozone, i’d stick with the duralast brand (2 year warranty), vs, the valucraft brand (1 year warranty), as the quality is alot better!

      also, most shops do not like to use customers parts, they want to use their parts. if you are not able to do the job yourself, i’d look around (or ask friends/relatives), about shops that will use your parts and only charge you labor. g/l