Best Place To Get Rotors/brake Pads

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Hey guys. I need to replace the rotors and brake pads on my Jetta. Where is the best place to look to get new brake parts. I am not looking for anything fancy, just want to replace the parts? Thanks

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    1. Lexia says:

      Advanced Auto?

    2. Allen says:

      Definitely Advance Auto Parts…..low prices…hassle free warranties….good products…

    3. Kitty says:

      Go to a vw dealership. your going to get the best quality if you get vw parts….might be more money but it will be worth it in the long run

    4. Mrwiz says:

      Auto Zone should have them I think they are nation wide. We also use advanced auto parts. Napa is good but they tend to be a little higher- when it comes to brakes, a few extra bucks may be worth it. I saw statistics on braking tests and Napa’s did actually stop the vehicle a little quicker.

    5. Goodguy_46947 says:

      Autozone for cheaply made parts.

      Napa Auto Part for quality parts.

      Links for both are below………….

    6. Lab says:

      Any parts store has different lines of parts. If you ask for economy, you will get the cheapest. Just phone around and compare.

    7. Ron / Yogi says:

      Lexia and Allen are both right. I use O’Reilly Auto Parts also. They are great. When we rebuilt my wifes Mercedes 380SL we got the parts from AutoZone and they were still in Mercedes parts boxes. Probably at at least half the price as the Dealership.

    8. Roy_glen2003 says:

      Good Year stores in the area where I live, sells tires and about any brake parts you need.. They can turn brake drums, replace any part of the brake system needed at fairly reasonable prices. Most midas shops will do the same but all I ever tried to deal with have been so busy you need appointments to get work done and still have to wait several hours.

    9. Laniej2324 says:

      Napa has great pads. Advance has good stuff and at better prices than napa. Napa carries quality parts and they come with grease and shims.

    10. Stallion1948_lloyd says:

      Auto zone should carry what you need,if they dont have them on stock,they can get them in 1 day.