Ballpark, What Should It Cost To Replace The Brake Pads And Rotors On 1997 Chevy Malibu

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Trading in and buying new not an option please don’t suggest.
Doing myself is not an option either

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    1. Merlin says:

      Doing it yourself should be less then $100.00

    2. Icky says:

      Do it yourself for less that $100 bucks and a half hour of your time.

    3. Jrayhp says:

      If you are looking to do the work yourself, the parts are available at an auto parts store. Approx. $35 for each rotor ( required for a front brake service) and approx. $40 for the front brake pads. If you are looking to have them installed, a local garage may allow you to purchase your own parts and they could install them. The job would take about one hour to complete and most shops charge $50/hour of labor.

    4. Cowboybill says:

      Appx $100.00 if you do it yourself.

    5. Goodanswer30 says:

      Thats a good car I own a 97 myself and had to do the same thing. it costs 55.00 per rotor and 30.00 for the brake pads. Front only 140.00 and rear obveously 140.00 Grand Total of 280.00 for the whole thing. Make sure that you need the rotors before you replace them though you may not need to replace them. Cost then only 60.00 bucks for the whole thing.

    6. Martin M says:

      Depends on if you had them done or are wanting to do them or want to have them done .oh if it has 4 wheel disc .

    7. Stingray says:

      Find one of your friends mechanically inclined and do it yourself, parts will be under US $ 100.00 at AutoZone. Lifetime warranty.

      The rotors will be your biggest expense, and if you cannot do the job yourself, and if they are not grooved or gouged too bad, you can have them turned on a lathe and will be good as new and save a lot of money.

      Ask AutoZone, they may do it or can recommend someone who can.

      I don’t own any stock in AutoZone, I just use them a lot.

      Darryl S.

    8. Dodge Man says:

      It all depends on the type of brake pads you use,if go with the good ones,and good rotors,,probably around 125.00 total for everything,,if you go with cheaper parts,,probably around 85-100 dollars,if you have it done by a professional ,,your looking at around $160.00 total for all,,i own a repair shop,,and this is just a close figure,,everything always cost more or less these days,,with prices of everything up,,good luck with it,,i hope this help.s

    9. Freedomlover says:

      Dodge Man sounds like one of the Rare Honest Mechanics these days… A good mechanic can do this in about an hours time plus parts costs.

      However, Most Mechanics these days charge 200% of retail on parts, PLUS 50-60/hour shop time, Plus an environmental fee, Plus a shop towel fee Plus…etc. I think that most shops will be in the 3-400 range.

      Even though you are hiring a mechanic, call a local parts store where you live to see how much actual retail price is for the rotors and Good brake pads. Then get a bid for job from your mechanic of choice… and tell him that his labor rate is fair… but make him answer why he wants Double for the parts!

      I know he needs to make money, and we are not asking for his ‘discount’ on the parts from his supplier, but WHY on Gods Green Earth should we have to pay MORE than Retail???

      If you get it done for under 250 consider yourself fortunate!

    10. Tookelovalicious says:

      An auto shop will probably charge you for the following:
      1 set of front brake pads:39.99
      1 set of front brake rotors:139.99
      1-2 hours of labor:50-90.00/hour=100-180.00
      so around 360.00 if nothing else is wrong with your brake system (say like the calipers)

    11. Oneporkchop says:

      To ans. your question is a hard thing so I’ll try to give you the bad news. If the rotors and drums are ok and the calapers are free
      you could be looking at about $250. If not your looking at $400.00
      at the least.