Are There Any Signs/syptoms Of A Catalytic Converter Failure Other Than Power Loss Rattle, Screaching, Etc

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I took my 00 Honda Accord to the dealer. I was hearing a screaching sound that I thought may be the brakes. The dealer says the brakes are fine and the sound is being caused by the catalytic converter. I do hear a ‘rattle’ at times that sounds like it’s coming from the exhaust system but the screaching is more prevalent. I have never heard of the cat converter screaching. Any thoughts? Of course they want me to replace it, but I want to make sure I agree with their assessment. Thanks!

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    1. gsxerrider1000 says:

      When they go out they make some weird noises. It could easily be the cat.

      Raise it up start it and get your head near the noise.
      my friend brought his car to my house thinking he was dragging something and wanted me to fix it. It was the cat went bad.

    2. Pedro S says:

      dealer is FOS… try another shop…screaching???? not!!

    3. roaddevil75 says:

      your Honda’s converter is under warranty by federal standards as long as you have under 80,000 miles on it. if that’s the case id let them replace it free of charge for you. converters don’t go bad as much as people think. most common is how efficient the converter is working and that would cause no drivablity problems or any other symptoms that would clue you in. I’d have a exhaust shop recheck the car they will be able to tell you if the noise your hearing is from the cat. most of the time a screeching noise would be the brakes as the wear indicator hits the rotor or it could be a loose belt that is slipping.

    4. Ronk W says:

      your screaching is more likely a glazed belt…

      catalytic converters after having too much fuel loaded into them by a defective carburetor or malfunctioning fuel injection system will cause its core to melt

      and become at least partially blocked, restricting the exhaust a certain amount…

      from both heating and cooling cycles after that in some cases the melted core which becomes almost like chunks of coal can shatter and crack into smaller pieces that can rattle from normal exhaust vibration and bumps in the road etc…

      obstruction bad enough could cause a whistling type noise too…