Do I Need To Drive In Overdrive When Not On The Highway.

I have a 2003 GT Mustang 327 Gears, 4 spd auto tranny, shift kit, stock injectors, stock suspension, 4.6 04 Lincoln motor stock, BBK shorty Headers, with modified Cats, and a Kenne Bell supercharger inner cooler cold air intake running at 9psi boost. My Dyno was 377 rwhp and 410 torque. Do I need to drive this car in Overdrive when not on the highway. Will it hurt my tranny to keep it out of overdrive around town? if I’m doing about 50 or 60 mph pkwy not in opverdrive will that kill my tranny? I love the sound it makes when its not in overdrive the flowmasters roar.
Ok Mike hit me back thanks!
My rpms dont go over 3000 without overdrive.

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