Do I Need To Drive In Overdrive When Not On The Highway.

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I have a 2003 GT Mustang 327 Gears, 4 spd auto tranny, shift kit, stock injectors, stock suspension, 4.6 04 Lincoln motor stock, BBK shorty Headers, with modified Cats, and a Kenne Bell supercharger inner cooler cold air intake running at 9psi boost. My Dyno was 377 rwhp and 410 torque. Do I need to drive this car in Overdrive when not on the highway. Will it hurt my tranny to keep it out of overdrive around town? if I’m doing about 50 or 60 mph pkwy not in opverdrive will that kill my tranny? I love the sound it makes when its not in overdrive the flowmasters roar.
Ok Mike hit me back thanks!
My rpms dont go over 3000 without overdrive.

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    1. eferrell01 says:

      You don’t need to drive it in overdrive at any time unless you want to. Overdrive allows the vehicle to drive at the same speed with lower engine RPM, thus promoting longer engine life and better gas mileage.
      Since you apparently have a lot of money, economy or long engine life is probably not a priority.

    2. Mike K says:

      i had an answer but i want to go research it first, ill get back to ya.

      O.K., I am back. I was correct but wanted to make sure. The other answers are correct to a point but have some error in them. Overdrive doesnt effect all of you gears. It doesnt lower the rpms your engine opperates until your reach a certain speed (usually at least 45mph) and you are in your highest gear. The highest gear is the only gear that your overdrive opperates in. For your car you have your normal gears and when you reach your highest gear which is your overdrive gear, your gear ratio actually changes. So in your case, you have 3 “normal” gears with overdrive being the “4th” gear. The only time turning off overdrive will help your acceleration is if you are cruising at 45mph+ in overdrive in your top gear and you need to accelerate. In that case if you turn off your overdrive your car will switch to 3rd gear and you will see your rpms rise which will give you more power to accelerate. Having the overdrive on will do nothing to effect your performance from a stop or when acclerating from speeds less then 45mph. Hope this helps, I will paste a site below that explains this all in a little more detail. I own a 2004 cobra with a t56 6 speed manual transmission with overdrive for instance. So I have 5 gears and a 6th overdrive gear. I dont have an option to turn my overdrive on and off because I have manual transmission so if I dont want to use overdrive, I just dont shift into 6th gear. ^(

    3. michael_oxgood says:

      overdrive=less rpm, less work for your engine, better gas mileage, and overall longer life for the tranny. feel free to kill your car if you want to, but it is sorta pointless to do that to the car.

    4. fire_inur_eyes says:

      drive it as designed–you are wasting gas.. Overdrive does save fuel when it comes right down to it. Only should be out of overdrive if you are towing–and it doesn’t sound as if you are towing anything