60,000 Maintenance What Should It Cost

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Someone mechanic told me it would cost this about 400 dollars to do the maintenance on my car for the 60000 mile. What should it cost?

Replace engine oil.

Check parking brake adjustment.

Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS).

Check all fluid levels, condition of fluids and check for leaks.

#Inspect exhaust system.

#Inspect fuel lines and connections.

Replace engine oil filter.

Inspect front and rear brakes.

Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots.

Inspect suspension components.

Inspect driveshaft boots.
Honda Civic 2003

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    1. lexusry says:

      it help if you state what year,make,model,engine size.every cars is design different

    2. The Saint says:

      As an example, I had a 60K maintenance done on a ’03 Acura TL. The dealership wanted $650, but I got it done at a Oil/lube center for $425.

    3. racingirlsmokesem says:

      depends on your location maybe 25.00

    4. ndredrider says:

      60,000 mile service is more than just inspecting fluids. Most manufacturers recommend flushing the tranny at 60,000. Green coolant should be changed every 30,000. As should brake fluid. Basically change all the fluids, inspect everything else. I’m guessing around $400-$500

    5. rickjstafford48236 says:

      your inspection is really a oil change and brake inspection, read the list, all they do is look at a few things and charge you a arm and a leg, at out shop you would be out for under 100.00 bucks and it would take about a hour .

    6. deltech says:

      its a way for dealers to make fast money, half of the cks aren`t really done . 400.00 dollors what a rip

    7. Dr. Evil says:

      Basically what you are describing is an oil change and someone looking at your car, which won’t actually happen. They will look at it sitting in the parking lot and smile thinking how much they raked you over. You will be lucky if they actually change the oil and filter. Then they will charge you an outrageous additional amount added onto the already nonsensical $400 for the oil and filter, like $40 for 4 quarts and a $40 filter. Your end cost $480 + tax = $520.

      Then they will put a tear in your CV boot or perform some other sabotage to suck you in for more repairs. “Oh we found this when we inspected your car…This will cost $$$$. It is dangerous for you to drive like this, etc. You must have this fixed now.”

      You can change your own oil for about $6 oil +$2 filter = $8 if you
      get the stuff at Walmart. Inspect your own car, it’s free!

    8. stream of consciousness says:

      What it should cost depends on the car and what needs doing. $400 to change the oil, adjust the parking brake, and look at a bunch of stuff sounds outrageously high. I had a similar experience at the used-car superstore where I bought my car — their generic 60,000 mile package included inspecting parts that my car didn’t even have! I quickly realized I had been wasting money on previous maintenance visits.

      I started spending much less on maintenance when I found a reputable mechanic that wasn’t part of a dealership and took my car to him for everything. While doing one thing, he would look at everything else and tell me what needed doing. He also told me when it was OK to postpone items called for in the car’s maintenance manual. I found my reputable mechanic using the Mechan-X Files feature on http://www.cartalk.com ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.cartalk.com).

      By the way, I have nothing against used-car superstores as a place to buy your car — I was very happy with that. But I’m happier still now I buy maintenance services elsewhere!

    9. GB says:

      The cost is relevant to the service you have been treating your investment to. If you wish to prolong the life of your vehicle treat it with respect and it will do like wise for you, neglect it and it will surely let you down. Get an estimate from the dealer and then shop a reputable repair facility in your area. Fax or email an itemised list to a few and compare the prices. There should not be a major difference unless something is not being done. Independents service shops need you business and will often do more than is expected for less to keep you as a customer. Find such a shop and stick with them. Most shops use Mitchell1 info systems which will provide you with the basic labor charge, of course parts required will be extra. Good luck.

    10. kain2626 says:

      about $50 at any good repair shop.if there is a TIRES PLUS or FIRESTONE close to where u live take it there and thay will look at everything and change the oil for about $50.i know i work for them.

    11. PaPa Norm says:

      Lube and oil change at Sears and they check everything, under 100 bucks !! ?:)z