How To Replace A 2001 530i BMW Hood Emblem

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The decal has partially peeled off. Do I buy a decal (which would seem difficult to completely affix without creases and bubbles) or does the entire emblem need to come off?

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    1. Andy W says:

      the whole emblem comes off. ^(

    2. jennyvee says:

      you need to replace the whole emblem. there is no “replacement sticker.” very easy to do. if you have the new one in hand you will notice two nipples on the underside that afix the emblem to the hood. to remove the old one you will need some kind of rag or small towel and a smaller flat head screwdriver. use the screw driver to gently pry up around the edges of the emblem. make sure you keep the rag between the screwdriver and the hood as to not damage the paint. new emblems should run about $15.

    3. corEy marsh says:

      use dental floss. its strong as hell and wont leave ANY marks