How To Get More Money From The Insurance Company on Car Fender Bender

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Had a fender bender accident and the other driver was charged, the insurance adjuster said the damage is $1500.00 and gave check (not yet cashed). Took car to repair shop (from the insurance approved list) the estimates were $2000.00 and $2800.00. How and what can be done to get the insurance to pay up more, so I can decide later when and where to get the car repaired? Thanks

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    1. Scott R says:

      They probably hope you take the check and trade it in.
      DON’T cash that check. Have the body shop that YOU want to fix it contact the insurance company.

    2. Luna & Lawnboy says:

      You need to have your auto body contact the appraiser. They will complete a supplemental appraiser if need be. If the labor rate is higher than an acceptable rate, the insurance will not make that adjustment. However, since the repair shop is on their approved list, the labor rate will be approved. Most of the time, if not all of the time, the auto body and appraiser will agree on the cost to repair especially since it is one of their preferred shops.

    3. Kizzy says:

      You need to take the vehicle back to the body shop & have them contact the insurance adjuster. Insurance company isn’t low-balling as it’s difficult to see past the cosmetic damage if the vehicle’s not torn down.

    4. kelly_f_ says:

      well first you should have not taken the check should have had it repaired… sorry but the deal is finish you got the money and didnt have the repairs done

    5. pickmefi says:

      take the estimates to insurance company they will either write you a bigger check or negotiate a better price with the body shop