Why Won’t My Tacoma Start

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This morning I went to start my 2000 Toyota Tacoma. It didn’t start, It did nothing In fact. When it did start the second time I turned the key the clock had to be reset. I drove to work and home without issue. I tried to start it again this evening and nothing. I have power and the battery is good but the power seems intermittent. The trunk doesn’t crank at all. This will be hard to describe but I can feel a clicking in the fuse box under the hood when the key is in accessory. My guess is my problem is either a bad ignition switch or a relay? One other thing I noticed is the door lights will go off if I try and turn the truck over or if I step on the brake pedal. The truck also normally starts very strong and up until this morning I have had no starting issues. Any guesses

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    1. steelhwyman says:

      Check for loose battery terminals.

    2. twins m says:

      Take it to toyota

    3. Jungleboy says:

      Clean your battery terminals, and tighten them up … if that doesn’t do it, check your ground connection to the car. Original battery? … time to replace it.

      I threw this link in to help you out if you are inexperienced … good luck

    4. cronos51101 says:

      I would say check out the battery terminals. I had the very same problem once. open the hood and wiggle the black wire coming from the battery, this is the negative one and you will have a hard time getting shocked in this manner, and besides, it is a 12 volt dc power system (which is relatively safe) if you feel like the wire is slipping on the terminal at all, it means that it is loose and is the cause of the problem. if it does not move at all, check the positive one. now, this one is slightly dangerous the trick to stay safe is to touch nothing but the positive wire. you can put your hands right on it AS LONG AS YOU TOUCH NOTHING ELSE if you touch the body or any other piece of metal other than the positive terminal there is a risk of being shocked. don’t even lean on the body. if this one is loose i would recommend completely removing the negative wire before tightening the positive one. if the negative one is completely disconnected then you can touch anything except for the negative battery terminal and you will be completely safe. if neither of the wires are loose, then closely inspect all of your fuses, there are two fuse locations, one is normally where the driver door meets the dashboard, the other is usually in an easily accessible box near the battery.

    5. charliebrown60 says:

      Hi no start,

      If your truck has the original battery you need to begin there. At 7 yrs. old it would be the most likely culprit. Batteries have what’s called “reserve capacity”, that is it’s ability to maintain a minimum voltage level for a predetermined time. When they get old it can decrease to only a matter of hours ’till the voltage drops below the threshold of not starting. The “clicking” and lights going dim or out and the clock losing it’s setting are an indicator of low voltage. Do you have access to a D C voltmeter? The voltage should be 12.4 volts or more after sitting overnight if you have a healthy battery. That same voltmeter should show 14.5 to 15 volts when the engine is running if the alternator / regulator are O K.
      Good battery? A dirty, corroded , or otherwise compromised connection could cause the same symptoms.
      Voltage can actually leak to ground thru the dirt coating the battery terminals and casing, especially if it is damp/wet. Clean it if it needs it with baking soda & water.
      Terminals; clean & tight, not corroded or split bands.
      Ground cable; where it terminates at the engine block, not loose or corroded.
      Pos. cable; tight at the terminal on the starter.
      Trouble shooting is a process of elimination, begin with the simple most likely sources of trouble. The likelyhood of your no crank symptom being a dirty, corroded connection or worn out battery are good.
      Not knowing your experience level or mechanical ability aside, it’s not likely you could go any deeper than what I’ve outlined here. If you don’t have a regular mechanic who helps you, ask your friends/family to suggest one they trust.
      I hope I’ve helped you, Good Luck!

    6. FIAT Guy says:

      It sounds like the battery is gone bad. Remove it and charge it then have it load tested, if its original its likely the battery. I had the same problem with mine. Good Luck and GOD Bless