Are L.E.D. Lights For Vehicles Legal In Maryland

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I want to “pimp my ride” and put some L.E.D. lights on at least the tires, but I have found loads more of car L.E.D. accessories (namely for on hood, windshield wipers, and under the car) . I know that the people can sell these products but can I actually get to use them without being pulled over or written a ticket? Are they legal to use in Baltimore, Maryland?

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    1. Garrett S says:

      yes, in all states it is now illegal to drive with any lighting on your vehicle that is not stock, but that doesn’t go for private property and in some states it is legal to use ur underglow/neon lighting in parking lots even when driving, I’d check with the court house to be sure tho

    2. StanS says:

      It is illegal in all states to drive with any accessory lights that did not come with your car. They especially target under car cold cathode lights and those license plate flashing brake lights.

      If any state allows it, the feds take away their highway funding.

    3. UCANTCME says:

      They are legal as long as you are parked but once you are on the road and use them they become illegal however they are completely legal for motorcycles………….

      Effective June 1, 2008, Maryland motorcyclists can legally ride with light emitting diode (LED) pods and strips on their motorcycle, provided they do not blink, oscillate, or flash and are not red or blue, as these colors are reserved for law enforcement and emergency vehicles. That leaves amber, green, hot pink, jade, orange, purple, and white.

      Too many car-motorcycle accidents are the result of the car driver not seeing the motorcycle. This is particularly true at night. Motorcycle accent lighting can change all that. With the proper products and installation, motorcycles can become highly visible from significant distances.