Anyone Understand Why Stereo Fuses Keep Blowing On An ’01 Lexus ES300 After An Amp Install

I was installing an amp/subs in an ’01 ES300 last night using the factory radio with a stepdown converter. I tapped into the factory sub in the rear deck to get my low pass signal. I ran the battery cable through the firewall, and I also pulled the factory cd player out, and connected my remote wire to the GREY wire in the harness after metering it with my dmm to check and see if it’s an accessory wire. Now even with disconnecting *everything* I installed, the factory cd player will not come back on. I keep trying to replace the 20amp fuse under the hood and it keeps popping. I’ve checked for pinched wires and can’t find any as well. I pulled the glove box out to access the factory amp and when I pull the 3 harnesses off the amp, I can put the 20amp fuse in and the radio will turn out (granted no sound of course), but when I plug back in the amp harnesses, it fuse pops… sounds to me like somehow I might have blown the factory amp. Any ideas??

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