Is It Possible To Weld Sheet Metal With A Wire Welder

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I have a flux core wire welder. It has about 5 or 6 amperage settings. I tried welding some sheet metal together at the lowest setting, but it just blew a hole in the metal. I was just trying to practice, and it was really thin metal, but is my machine just going to be too strong to do it? I want to weld in rocker panels and cab corners on my truck.
I should add that I welded some 1/8 or 1/4 inch steel with it recently, and it worked fine. I barely touched the sheet metal and it blew right through it.

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    1. eyedontknow says:

      At the lowest setting either it is still too hot,thus,blowing holes or you are too close when attempting.

      I’m guessing the setting is still too high.

    2. poolekiteman says:

      it sounds like you need to think about brazing, instead of welding, which is what A/C and refrigeration engineers use to connect copper piping (much stronger than soft solder). I had a “domestic” arc welder that came with a carbon electrode torch, that made a “flame” just right for brazing – don’t forget the borax powder flux.

    3. Richard says:

      You really need a MIG welder to do sheet metal repairs, the gas keeps the area cooler. you will also need to adjust your wire speed.

    4. Buster says:

      With a bit of practice you should be able to. but don’t expect too much, those cheap little flux core welders are a joke at best. just make sure your not trying to weld rust and paint, those things weld dirty enough on there own without throwing that in the mix. just keep it clean and adjust the power and wire speed till you get it right, but to be honest I’ve been welding 30 years and cant get one of those beauty’s to weld for crap, but then again I have a MIG and a TIG so why would I use one unless I had wind and shielding problem and I have an old stick welder for that.

    5. Jared says:

      I would TIG weld it if possible, you will have much better control. Small tacks help. I have also been welding all types for over 35 years.

    6. Bob A says:

      I do i t all the time.You need small gauge wire and very low power setting

    7. W?MBAT is Sparky says:

      Use gas-shielded MIG welding, instead of flux core.

      FCAW shouldn’t be used on materials thinner than 3/32″ or 12 gauge.

      For thin sheet metal, use argon+2% oxygen shielding gas, as this will further reduce the arc heat input. I would advise against using pure CO2 for thin gauge materials.