How Much Weight To Add In Pickup Truck Bed During Winter

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How much weight should I add to the rear of my pick up truck? I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 2WD. I have (4) 75 pound sand tubes in the bed, one on each corner; however the bed still slides around like it has no weight in the rear. My Ford Ranger I used to own did just fine w/ 300 pounds total weight in the rear. My tires are like new all season tires. The normal winter is about 3 inches of snow & maybe 1/2 inch of ice; however we just had the biggest snow storm in about 8 years; and currently have about 4 inches of snow & about 1 inch of ice. Any free or cheap ideas of how to keep my bed from sliding? How much weight should I have in it; and where should I have it positioned?

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    1. the_buccaru says:

      300+ pounds should help a lot, but don’t put the weight in the corners.. it shroud be over and just forward of the rear wheels.. The weight in the back corners will throw the truck around. There is not much anyone can do in ice. It should help if you lower the air pressure in the rear tires, but I can’t recommend that you go any lower than the lowest factory recommendations for your model truck for safety reasons. Be sure to air them back up when the weather is dry or you plan to drive at highway speeds.

    2. brianwv64 says:

      On ice you can slide no matter how much weight you have. I position the sand bags over the rear axle, Thats where you need the weight. I carry around 600lbs in mine. If you carry extra you can always bust one open and pout it on the ice for added traction if you get stuck.