How Much Weight To Add In Pickup Truck Bed During Winter

How much weight should I add to the rear of my pick up truck? I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 2WD. I have (4) 75 pound sand tubes in the bed, one on each corner; however the bed still slides around like it has no weight in the rear. My Ford Ranger I used to own did just fine w/ 300 pounds total weight in the rear. My tires are like new all season tires. The normal winter is about 3 inches of snow & maybe 1/2 inch of ice; however we just had the biggest snow storm in about 8 years; and currently have about 4 inches of snow & about 1 inch of ice. Any free or cheap ideas of how to keep my bed from sliding? How much weight should I have in it; and where should I have it positioned?

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