How Much Should I Sell My Truck Toolbox For

I have a truck tool box I want to sell but I need to know how much its worth.

It’s the kind that mounts behind the cab. It fits a small pick-up (I had it in a Ford Ranger). It’s a nice shinny diamond plate aluminum kind, not the crappy black plastic or white sheet metal kind. The entire top opens up for easy access. There’s handles on both sides so you can easily open the lid from either side of the truck. The lid is very stable and sturdy when opening and closing it, so you can push it closed on one corner and get the whole thing to latch. The lid stays up on its own for easy loading. It also locks securely. Its in great condition.

Do you think I’d be out of line to ask $150 for it on Craigslist? New ones of this quality are selling for around $250 and up.

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