Why Does My Car Hesitate To Move When I Step On Gas

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Each time i am at a red light and its time to move i step on the gas an just a lil putt. when i let off the car moves slightly. then i lightly step on the gas an actually start going about 5 miles per hour! it take a while before i can get it up to 20-30 mi by this time the car behind me if on my bumper, beeping. Why is this happening? i hope its not the trans!

There are 6 Answers for "Why Does My Car Hesitate To Move When I Step On Gas"

    1. stonekingsinc says:

      easy fix it sounds like. Fuel filter. around 20 bucks installed

    2. kevoboi says:

      It is your transmission going … good luck, its an expensive job to do.

    3. cheese says:

      Sounds like you are having trouble with the transmission, which stinks because that is probably the priciest thing to repair. Go get it checked out before the metal is stripped even more and it costs more money.

    4. Patrick says:

      could be a clogged fuel filter

    5. Ryan B says:

      Could be the transmission, could be the fuel pump or fuel injector/carburetor.

    6. grant n says:

      sounds like a catalytic converter is plugged