How Much Will It Cost To Repair The Damage To My Vehicle

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I recently struck something after hydroplaning and losing control of my Kia Sorento. I hit it head on and managed to crack my front bumper pretty badly. There is also a small but noticeable and very unsightly crease in the very front of the hood. There is also a small crack down the middle of the grille, but I’m not concerned with fixing that. So my question is how much will it cost to replace the bumper and repair the hood? I’m fairly confident that they will just be able to pop the crease out? Let me know if I’m wrong about that.
I hardly see how hydroplaning during one of the most torrential storms of the summer in this area constitutes as “driving like an idiot.” I defy you to try to control an SUV that is hydroplaning on a curve. And I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me a BALLPARK (not specific) figure without insulting me. Please and thank you.

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    1. Michael says:

      LOL a Kia!

    2. Kaelyn says:

      It kninda depends where you live cause tax and alll

    3. Belladonna112 says:

      OK Really?

      Go to three or four body shops and get quotes knuckle head.
      No one can give you a correct answer like this.

      Stop driving like an idiot and you wont have these problems.

    4. Cory M says:

      Get a new car dude, your car sucks.

    5. Crazybear says:

      Depends on the degrees of the damage.

    6. Onelastrevolutionary says:

      You failed to mention the year of the vehicle.If it’s over 5 years,it is likely to have been totaled. You aren’t going to even get a ballpark figure here though.It takes actually seeing the damage by a crash damage estimator.