How Do You Install The Front Bumper And Grill Of A 68′ Camaro

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Im going to be installing the front end of my 68′ chevy camaro. I need to know the steps and as much detail as possible. I know the basic idea of what to do. But i need to see what things i need to buy and where to install them. Thank you for your help. Any good sites on how to do this would be appreciated as well=)
is this easy to do? How do you also put in the grill? Now i need to know if it is possible to put a 68′ camaro front end on a 68′ Firebird’s Body??? That is what im attempting to do with my 68′ Firebird.

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    1. gmgypsy55 says:

      4 bolts holds the bumper brkt to the frame. I can’t remember how many screws hold the grille in, but they’re are these clips that slide on first.All ya need is a ratchet,socket, and a box wrench to hold the nut while ya tighten up the bolts for the bracket to frame installation. Ya need someone to hold the bumper up till ya start the bolts thru the frame. I live in Norwood O. and that’s where the Camaro and Firebird were born.
      e and my friends worked on the Camaros around here, seemed like everyone had one