Help Need Black Undercarriage Protector Replacement

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I have a 07 Camry XLE. Today I scraped the undercarriage protector and put a hole in it. The bottom of the bumper also got scraped. Does anyone know if I can order a new protector? I need the front piece. It is black plastic and bolted into the bottom of the car.
I called the dealership who says this part now comes attached to the front bumper as one piece and that I would have to buy the entire thing for $274 & then have it painted. I just got this car in Feb & mine is not one piece like the mechanic was saying they are now made.

Also, can scrapes in the bumper be buffed out?

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    1. asccaracer says:

      What you damaged is the plastic water deflector. There are several on the Camery. You may be talking about a different one then the dealer. Since your car is a 07 and is still under warranty you may have a few issues. Technically you may have voided part of your warranty if the under carrige has damage. That being said, no they can’t really be buffed out. If you go to any Toyota parts department they can pull up a picture of the bottom of your car. You can point out the part you need and they can order it. You can, while your there, order some bumper touch up paint. If Toyota does not carry bumper touch up most major auto parts stores do. Autozone, Advance, Pep-Boys etc.